Partner in Crime (Plush & Top Set)

RM79.00 MYR

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This set includes:
• 1 plush toy (Medium / A4 size - within 21cm x 29cm)
• Romper or toddler tee any size of your choice
• A personalizable card where your little one can color it for his/ her daddy!

Actual price: RM113

To shop, select the type of tee and size, then enter the name or wording that you'd like to print on the tee and totebag. All our items are personalizable, but if you'd like to opt out name personalization, enter "NONE" in the custom box above.

Size guide:

Baby romper :  XS (newborn baby up to 4.5kg) | S (0-3 mths) | M (3-6 mths) | L (6-12 mths) | XL (12-18 mths)

Toddler Tee : XS (1-2 yo) | S (3-4 yo) | M (5-6yo) | L (7-8 yo) | XL (9-11 yo)

(For full measurement on sizes, do refer to our sizing chart page)

If you need further assistance, do feel free to reach out!