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Our website is temporarily closed. To keep in touch with our updates, do follow us on our IG at @blackmilkproject. Meanwhile, do head to our re-sellers/ stockist to shop for our stamp designs --- [Malaysia] Tai Online Store @tai_onlinestore | Journal Pages @journalpages_addict | Jainabeeshop @jainabeeshop | Smidapaper @smidapaperikigaishop | Sumthings of Mine @sumthingsofmine | Writer Store @writerstore // [International] Niconeco Zakkaya (New York) @niconeco_zakkaya | Café Analog (Netherlands) @cafeanalog17 | Inkonpaperdesign (England, UK) @inkonpaperdesign | Apple Hsu (Taiwan) @apple_hsu | The Little Whimsy (Philippines) @thelittlewhimsyph | The Little Nook Shop (Philippines) | Paper Plus Cloth (Canada) Kiroku (Germany) @kiroku.bungu | Happy Vintage Crafter (Germany) @happy_vintage_crafter | Mia Mandarina (Spain) @mia_mandarina | Petit Zakkaya (Hong Kong) @petitzakkaya | Blinks of Life (Indonesia) @blinksoflife