Flower Doodles series

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The Flower Doodles series is an extension of August '23 mystery stationery box. Some of the contents are now available for individual sales (limited quantity), and we also have new items that are different from the box contents. 

If you couldn't find the item you're looking for (which was previously included in the box), it means the item is not available anymore as it is produced exclusively for the box, so sorry!

Stickers are available in:
• kiss cut sticker sheet / 10 x 14.5cm
• die-cut simili sticker set / 4 x 3cm (20 unique pcs) // SOLD OUT
• die-cut washi sticker set / 2.5 x 2cm (20 unique pcs)
• PET (transparent) mini sticker sheet / 5 x 7cm
• Paperies set (inclusive of assorted materials of vellum paper, butter paper, and simili) // SOLD OUT


Do allow up to 1 to 2 weeks for crafting before sending out. 

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