about us

There is unprecedented enthusiasm among the community today for re-discovering their inner-child creativity. Black Milk Project aims to be the entrepreneurial springboard for both art enthusiasts and local artists & crafters alike - a platform for collaboration, experimentation and conversation. a space for inspirations, ingenuity, curious imaginations and limitless possibilities.

founded by wei tieng in 2013, black milk project is her creative playground where all imaginative friends come alive and rainbow unicorns fly!

why black milk project?
• because we love everything whimsical and quirky.
• because we’re 10% milk, and 90% fun.
• because we sell art, not milk.
• because we’re cool like that.

//  t h e  t e a m  //

feeds on and breaths creativity with a wide-eyed wondrous view of a whimsical world since she's the littlest girl. wei tieng is an artist, a designer, a dreamer, a maximalist dressed as minimalist, a child of God, and a mother who struggles to cook dinner all rolled into one. full-time pekerja am of the studio, from cutting papers to drawing to chasing lizards out of the pantry - but nothing short of love in doing what she does. 
she can't stand eating with her hands, and developed a much sought-after talent - eating crabs with a pair of chopstick. a chronic introvert, but truest in her form of arts (and sometimes, slippers), her daily prayer is being able to align her dreams according to God's plan.


the obsessive compulsive that functions in either a straight line or an odd 43.875 degrees. blasts classical chinese orchestra music in the studio, occasionally talks to himself, even if it's a conversation. he's the walking studio directory with the all inventories ingrained at the back of his palm, much to his dismay in being our 'search' button. his wardrobe consists of 10 white shirts and shoes in white, or black. when he's not with pens & brushes, he's pretty much either doing pull ups or putting on his poet's hat, writing rhymes and such about time and unbroken shells being themselves because he's deep like that.


the hipster cat whisperer clad in her tie-dye adventure cape, blown in by the sea wind with suicidal cats in her wheels and sea chimes in her head. she has a deep connection with the saying 'curiosity kills the cat' - most likely because she shares the same DNA so she'd been rescuing them since. adventure spells her middle name, longs to be the queen of the clouds, ocean and mountains. the ultimate beach-bum that couldn't swim, free-spirited, connoisseur of unplanned random road-trips and she's the much needed chirpy extrovert in the team to crack up (if not annoying) everyone - particularly min yang.


the goofball, but mainly known as the muscles for all the 'kuli' works. the epitome of randomness and an expert of the friendliest empty talks. he's the only one who doesn't hold an art brush here, but wields hammers, powertools and dreams of owning an axe bigger than his size. makes the fluffiest sandwiches and our signature sesame tuna cracker dips for workshops, but also a merciless territorial dictator of the kitchen zone. face judgement if there's an unwashed cup in the sink, face death if you misplaced his bread knife.


we don't have a big team, but we have a dream team!

the #blackmilkgurus believe that personalization is the key and the unique selling point for black milk project’s services & product line. the spirit of excellence and attention to details are our pillars in the aim of providing a 'black milk project experience' to all our customers and clientelles. all products are designed, hand-drawn and 
hand-made with much love in-house. 

black milk project believes there’s magic in personal touches, and that’s what we aim to deliver to our customers when they attend our workshops, have us to host their events, or when they receive our package!