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Local (Malaysia) Instagram/ Facebook Website
Journal Pages (Selangor, MY) @journalpages_addict
Smidapaper (Penang, MY) @smidapaperikigaishop
Writerstore (Penang, MY) @writerstore
Cziplee (Bangsar, MY) @cziplee
Sumthings Of Mine (Selangor, MY) @sumthingsofmine
Niconeco Zakkaya (US) @niconeco_zakkaya
Pinky Elephant Craft (US) @pinkyelephantcraft
Journal Station (US) @journalstation_onlineshop
Emma Stationery Haul (US) @emma_stationery_haul
Pink Art Lemon (US) @pinkartlemon pinkartlemon (Etsy)
Cheeryletters (US & Singapore) @cheeryletters cheeryletters (Etsy)
Kyo Stationery (US) @kyo.stationery kyojapanstationery (Etsy)
The Stationery Selection (Japan) @thestationeryselection
Book Binders Australia (AUS) @bookbindersdesignaustralia
Jewoley (AUS) @jewoley
Cafe Analog (The Netherlands) @cafeanalog17
Paperlane 27 (The Netherlands) @paperlane27
Viviana Williams (London, UK) @vivianawilliamslondon
Miso Paper (London, UK) @misopaper
Apple Hsu/ Bunboguta (Taiwan) @bunboguta applepink1026 (Shopee)
63penhouse (Taiwan) @63penhouse
The Little Whimsy (The Philippines) @thelittlewhimsyph
The Little Nook Shop (The Philippines) @thelittlenookshop thelittlenookshop (Facebook)
Stationerycafecom (The Philippines) @stationerycafecom
Paper Plus Cloth (Canada) @paperpluscloth
Kiroku (Germany) @kiroku.bungu
Happy Vintage Crafter (Germany) @happy_vintage_crafter
Laulispapeterie (Germany) @laulispapeterie
Mia Mandarina (Spain) @mia_mandarina
Cattaleiasoul (Spain) @cattaleiasoul.estudiocreativo
Petit Zakkaya (Hong Kong) @petitzakkaya
Paper Planning and more (India) @paperplanningandmore
Hamany Journal (Indonesia) @hamany_wt

hamany (Tokopedia)

*Not listed: China-based re-sellers (mainly because China-based resellers use specific Chinese-only platform). If you’re from China, do drop us a DM for our China re-sellers’ list.

We have an extensive reseller's catalogue with more than 200 designs, majority not sold on our on website as they're reseller's exclusives. So, our resellers might not be able to have every single design in their inventory. If there are any items you came across but is not able to find them, do drop the reseller nearest to you a line. They are really amazing ladies and usually more than willing to take a pre-order for you. Otherwise, you can also drop us a line and we'll direct you to a reseller who might carry that specific item in their shop.

Interested to join us as a reseller and have access to reseller exclusives with over 200 designs? Drop us a line with the details below and we'll reply you with our wholesale terms and full catalogue:
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