Moments II series

RM35.00 MYR

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The Moments II series is an extended version of our limited Moments stationery box. The items in this series is NOT the same as the stationery box (which was already sold out), but with similar theme. As it is extended from a limited stationery box, these stamp designs will also be limited and only will be available until 31st December 2023. After that, the stamps will be discontinued.

The Moments II series consists of:

Rubber stamps (mounted on wood)
• Flowers (4cm x 3cm) - RM39• Breeze (4cm x 3cm) - RM39• Baby (4cm x 3cm) - RM39• Flower frame (3cm x 3cm) - RM35• Word frame (2cm x 4cm) - RM35For stickers, kindly go to our 'Paper Products' menu

The stamps are made of industrial high grade red rubber with the finest details. As all stamps are assembled, cut, sanded by hand, size and shape may vary slightly. 

Stamps might be slightly stained because of quality tests during the process, but it will not affect your stamping color. 

Do allow up to 1 to 2 weeks for crafting before sending out. 

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